Tips on How to Prepare for Vacationing with Kids

Traveling with kids can be quite hectic but after you’ve done it for a couple of times you become an expert. For example, you understand that you have to get the right Baby Shoes for Vacationing and you have to pack the right type of clothes, toys etc. Below we list proven tips and trick that come in handy when vacationing with kids.


Baby Shoes for Vacationing

Planning a family trip with kids is a lot different from planning a personal or couples trip. This might come as a paradox but you have to do less planning when traveling with kids. If you are traveling with adults, you can plan every hour and every meal and activity ahead of time. If you do this with kids, you will be in for a big surprise.

Kids are unpredictable and find fun and interest in the most unexpected or arbitrary things. The less planning you do, the more you can go with the flow and have a good time. If you make a plan to the T and your kids show disinterest in the activities you might get disappointed or overwhelmed. It’s best to keep in mind that things will not always go as planned and leave the vacation activities to a more loose plan or itinerary.

Pack Snacks

Baby Shoes for Vacationing

The importance of packing sufficient snacks cannot be overemphasized. Kids get hungry every couple of hours or even every 30 minutes and they would want to snack. Depending on your travels you might not have easy access to stores right away to get them some snacks. Also if you are traveling in a different country, the food might be weird for the kids and so the snack would be a lifesaver for you and you can dial down the nagging and whining. Pack sufficient snacks and always have them with you for every activity- even when you are going to dinner.

Plan Quiet Car Activities

If you are going on a  road trip, you would have to pack games and activities that help your kids stay quiet. All that screaming from the back seat needs to be dialed down when you are driving long hours. My sister’s favorite car activity for her kids is playing the quiet game- whoever stays quiet the longest gets a surprise! Sadly it doesn’t always work as screaming is apparently intrinsic to the survival of kids!

Use Electronics

Speaking of keeping kids quiet, there is no better time to take advantage of electronic devices for kids, then when you are on a road trip or traveling on a plane. Make sure you download sufficient kids games, movies, and videos to keep your kids occupied and quiet during the trip.

Pack Light

Baby Shoes for Vacationing

When you are traveling with extra tiny little humans, it is better to pack less so you are not hurling suitcases around. If you are traveling with a boy, you already have the stroller and diaper bag to worry about. And then there’s your own items and their toys, their snack, their devices, their water bottle etc. Packing light will save you a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of stress. Check luggage allowances with your airline, including any code-share restrictions or if you are transferring from international to domestic flights even with the same airline allowances can differ.

Packing a set of portable scales is always a good idea so you don’t fall overpack if you are going to be doing some vacation shopping. Make sure suitcases are labeled, all checked baggage tagged and somehow marked or addressed inside so you can easily identify them. This is important when you have many suitcases. Take photos of your luggage and other equipment too like strollers and car seats.

Stay Calm

Baby Shoes for Vacationing

When you travel this summer, you are taking the trip for you, not for anyone else.  Make a conscious effort to let go of thoughts and concerns of whether or not this trip is good enough and if you could have done better. Be calm and have a flexible itinerary so you are not stressed up about being early or being late. For example, choose to eat at restaurants that do not need reservations so you do not have to be in a  rush or worry about being late for dinner.

Confirm your Travel Arrangements

Baby Shoes for Vacationing

Check online booking or call the airline at least 48 hours in advance to confirm seat bookings. If you are traveling with a bay, confirm that they have the appropriate seatbelts for you and the baby. Also, call the hotel you would be staying at and confirm with your accommodation the setup you would like for bedding and arrival time and if you will be needing a baby cot. Advise your bank/credit card company there will be overseas transactions to prevent your card from being blocked. Get photocopies of important travel documents of all your kids; Keep one with you and one in your checked luggage. Keep your travel insurance hotline number somewhere easy to reach. Arrange transportation to the airport and get any car seats/strollers packed ready.